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Planning to have an A/C replacement?

No matter the reason, before having a new A/C unit, we suggest you examine your options thoroughly. We want to ensure you get the best possible A/C system that will suit your comfort needs.


As a trusted A/C installation company in Rossville, GA, Ryan Heating & Air is privileged to serve your cooling needs. Let us give you a quick rundown on your air conditioning options. Read on! 


Different Air Conditioning Options

In the world of HVAC, there are several types of A/C units for your household. It can be challenging for some to pick the right one that will suit their needs. That is why we’ll walk you through some of the most common A/C options available today.


Split Central Air Conditioners

Split central air conditioners remain one of the most popular A/C systems nowadays—and it is not hard to understand why. With the right size and installation, split central air conditioners can produce robust cooling more efficiently than any other types.


This type of air conditioner eliminates hot air inside the house by evaporating refrigerants in the coils. Then, it condenses the refrigerant and releases the heat outdoor. Consequently, the air ducts will distribute the cool air throughout your home.


Heat Pumps

With a heat pump, you get a two-in-one HVAC system as it can be used to heat up or cool your space. On the cooling side, a heat pump circulates the cool through the ductwork through reversed refrigerant cycle.


In the winter, a reversing valve component allows the refrigerant in the cooling system to flow in a reversed direction, swapping the function of coils. With that, refrigerant evaporates in outdoor coils while being condensed indoors.


Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini-splits are the same as heat pumps. The difference is that ductless mini-splits can refine the system further by totally removing air ducts from the equation.


This system consists of individual wall-mounted blowers that distribute air, only cooling the space where it’s installed.  Ductless mini-splits are best suited for small homes or those without existing ductwork. They can improve the efficiency of your unit by removing the possibility of energy loss via duct leaks.


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