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Prompt and Professional A/C Installation Services in Cleveland, TN

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Are you looking to install a new A/C unit or replace your old, malfunctioning system? Ryan Heating & Air can help! We offer residential and commercial A/C installation services in Cleveland, TN and surrounding areas. 


How to Find the Best A/C Unit for Your Space

Air conditioning systems come in a variety of makes and models, and the option can be overwhelming. To help make shopping easier for you, we’ve listed the most important things to consider. 


Check the SEER Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures an HVAC unit’s efficiency. The highest SEER rating is 21 and the minimum standard rating is 13. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioning system is. However, the upfront cost may be a bit expensive. But since A/C with high SEER ratings help you lower your monthly energy bills, you can save money in the long run. You can talk to your local A/C Installation service provider in Cleveland, TN for assistance.


Know the Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity refers to your A/C’s ability to remove heat from your space. It is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The cooling capacity needed for an air conditioner depends on the size of the space being cooled. Generally, an air conditioner needs 20 BTUs per square foot of living space. But there are still other vital factors that come into play, such as the room’s height and local climate. Hence, it’s best to talk to A/C pros near your area to find the system that fits your space requirements. 


Check the Electrical Installation

Check the electrical requirements of your prospect A/C. It is usually included in the unit’s specifications. Make sure your electrical system meets your chosen unit’s power requirements. If not, you could call licensed electricians to help you fix the problem. 


Determine Its Capability With Your Thermostat

There are four basic types of thermostats: non-programmable, programmable, smart, and wi-fi thermostats. Each has its pros and cons. The non-programmable thermostat, also called a manual thermostat, requires you to adjust the temperature to your preference manually. The programmable type lets you set a temperature schedule. The smart type can be used with home automation. Lastly, the Wi-Fi type allows you to adjust the temperature remotely. The best type will depend on your preference. 


We are a Proud YORK Dealer!

Don’t have the time to shop and find the best A/C for your space? Fret not! At Ryan Heating & Air, we offer a complete line of Air Conditioning products from York. York is a company with 135 years of experience designing and innovating HVAC systems. Their HVAC products are proven efficient and long-lasting so that you can stay comfortable all year round.


Hire Professional A/C Installers in Cleveland, TN

It’s one thing to find the right A/C for your space; it is another thing to get it installed properly. To ensure that nothing goes wrong with the A/C installation and you could get maximum comfort, call Ryan Heating & Air. 


We ensure that our A/C installation services in Cleveland, TN are worth your time, money, and trust by providing the following:

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