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First you need to turn off your A/C then thaw the ice. Avoid using it while the evaporator coils are still frozen. Wait for one or two days until the coils are dry.

Many homeowners are torn between continuing to pump money into their old air conditioning system for expensive maintenance or upgrading to a new, more efficient air conditioner. You have to consider many options, such as high energy bills, frequent repairs, and system inefficiency.

First and foremost, do not try to repair your loud air conditioner yourself! You are putting yourself and your air conditioner in danger unless you have an expert understanding of HVAC electrical system design and the appropriate meters to test all of the functional components of your AC.

A dual-zone air conditioning system is a system that controls the quantity of cooled air that each zone (one or more rooms) gets throughout the day using a network of thermostats and duct dampers. Zoning technology enables homeowners to chill just the parts of their homes that are inhabited at any one moment or set various temperatures in different house regions.

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