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As summer comes to an end, the A/C repair season begins.  And the best way to ensure that your air conditioners stay efficient and effective is by reaching a professional service provider.


At Ryan Heating & Air, we provide post-summer A/C repair services in Ooltewah, TN to help keep your system running efficiently. So, be sure to reach us today!


Get Ready for Fall: Post Summer A/C Repair Tasks


It’s time to get your A/C ready for the fall. Your unit will need a little more attention this year than it did last year since you may have left it running longer during the hot days.

With that, here are a few A/C tasks that should be completed before you turn off your A/C for the year:


Check and Clean Air Filters


Your A/C air filters are one of the most important components for your A/C system to function properly. These filters will need a quick cleaning or replacement depending on how long you ran your A/C last summer and what type of filter(s) you’re using. Let a pro assess your cooling unit.


Recharge Your A/C Refrigerant


It’s important to keep your cooling unit running safely and efficiently. In that case, it’s best not take risks with outdated refrigerants which may be unsafe for you and your family.


When old or damaged A/C needs servicing, we advise a refrigerant recharge based upon manufacturer recommendations as well as age of installation. Your trusted technician will advise you on whether this service is needed and when a recharge might next be necessary.


Lubricate the Components


Over time, A/C components experience wear and tear. This is why it’s necessary to lubricate every moving part, especially the compressor and the condenser fan motor to ensure they are functioning as designed.


Without proper lubrication, your A/C unit may make unusual noises or stop working altogether on your next use.


Clear Drain Pans and Drainage Lines


Molds and mildew can really damage an A/C system, so it’s important to clear out any standing water before turning off the unit for this winter. Drainage lines in particular will need attention from a plumbing professional or have them blocked if they are clogged with tree roots that could lead into mold growth on your home’s foundation walls as well.


Schedule an A/C Tune-Up


An A/C tune-up is another post-summer service that should be performed to keep your unit running safely for many years. A technician will check the voltage of each capacitor, compressor, condenser fan motor, and relay switch and verify that all electrical connections are tight. The A/C also needs to undergo a leak test to ensure it is performing as expected.


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At Ryan Heating & Air, we understand that you want to ensure that your unit will not sit idle this coming fall at risk of having a malfunction. With us, rest assured that your precious investment will last for a long time!


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