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Have you or anyone in your home been sneezing too often? Or have you noticed your allergies acting up? If so, it might be time to schedule a professional duct cleaning in Soddy-Daisy, TN. This can help rid your home of dust and other allergens that may be lingering within the air in your home.


At Ryan Heating & Air, we believe that a clean HVAC system is just as crucial to your home’s comfort as a functioning heating and cooling unit. We offer top-of-the-line air duct cleaning services so that you can feel cleaner and healthier at home.

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Signs of an Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality


Keeping your home clean and clutter-free is an excellent way to maintain indoor air quality. However, even if you can’t see it, your home could still have an abundance of dust and debris floating around without your knowledge. Here are some signs that you have to schedule professional duct cleaning in your home:


You or Someone in Your Home is Always Sneezing


Did you know that a single sneeze can release thousands of different particles into the air? This may be why you and your family members have been sneezing more than usual. It could also be an indicator that dust and debris are floating around, disrupting your indoor air quality.


You’re Experiencing a Lot of Dust Issues


If your heating or cooling unit has to work harder than usual, that could be a sign that something is blocking the airflow within your ducts. It could also mean you have an indoor air quality issue. If you notice dust buildup or find that your filter needs to be changed more often, then it might be time for you to schedule a duct cleaning.


You’re Smelling Bad Odors Within Your Home


If you notice your home smelling musty even if it’s been cleaned recently, there may be something within your air ducts that’s causing the odor. It could also mean you need to get your HVAC system looked at by a professional to prevent other systems in your home from experiencing any damage due to poor airflow.


You’re Allergic to Dust, Pollen, or Other Particles


While it’s normal for everyone to have dust particles in their homes, you could be experiencing extreme discomfort due to allergies if your home is full of dust. This can make it difficult for you to sit at your desk at work or enjoy a meal at home with your family. Dust can quickly collect within your air ducts, and having a professional service them regularly is one of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality.


There’s a Significant Amount of Dust in Your Attic


If you have dust or other debris in your attic, it could be because it has traveled through your air ducts. It may also be due to an issue with your HVAC unit, so having someone check it out is essential. If there are problems with the HVAC unit, this can create poor indoor air quality for your entire family.


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