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The winter months in Rossville, GA, don’t play nice. Although it’s short, it can get uncomfortably cold and wet. Your house needs a heating system capable of keeping the freezing days and icy nights at bay.


Finding the perfect heater for your home and installing it is not simple, but this task doesn’t have to be impossible. For heating installation in Rossville, GA, you can always depend on the experts at Ryan Heating & Air to provide quality service.


3 Heating Solutions to Keep You Warm and Cozy All Year Long

When it comes to your home’s heating needs, always keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all. Each heating solution is different and choosing the right one that suits your home is not easy. Not only does it require vast knowledge about each heating system, but also years of experience in handling various makes and models.


Without these qualifications, there’s a huge chance you will break your heater and suffer the consequences of living in a freezing home during the winter months. You can save yourself from this situation by hiring a reliable HVAC company to help you make informed decisions.


Here are some options for your heating installation in Rossville, GA:


1.  Furnaces

The majority of homes in North America depend on furnaces as their central heating system. Thanks to their immense space heating power, this trusty device can stand between you and freezing temperatures during the coldest months of the year. Furnaces are usually powered by natural gas, fuel oil, or electricity.


They work by blowing heated air through a series of ducts and distributing it throughout the house to keep it warm. Inside this heating system, flames or electricity warm up a metal heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the air. The furnace fan then pushes the hot air to the ductwork and out the grills.


2. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are versatile two-in-one systems. Unlike furnaces, this heating system uses electricity or refrigerant to transfer heat rather than generate it directly. This method makes heat pumps more efficient than other types of heating systems.


You can use this all year long since it works both ways. During the summer, heat pumps operate by absorbing the heat inside your home and releasing them into the air outside. Meanwhile, this heating system works like an air conditioner in reverse during the winter. It scavenges any warm air outdoors and discharges the heat inside the house.  


3 . Mini-Split Systems

Since this heater doesn’t require air ducts, mini-split systems allow homeowners to create separate HVAC zones with separate thermostats. This heating solution is helpful for older homes and add-on areas that don’t have ductwork installed or make it impossible to have one.


Mini-split heaters consist of an indoor air-handling unit that’s connected to an outdoor compressor unit. It operates by taking warm air from one location and moving it to another. Compared to traditional heating methods, mini-split systems cost less since they operate by maximizing the amount of heat released from the energy consumed.


Always Call On the Experts When You Need a Heating System Installed


With various heater types and models, choosing the right one that suits your home and your heating needs is confusing enough. Now, add the task of installing this complicated device without proper knowledge or experience, and you’ve got a potential disaster waiting to happen.


Our team of certified technicians at Ryan Heating & Air will not only provide the right type of heater, but guarantee quality heating installation in Rossville, GA. Give us a call at 423-903-5955 today to schedule your appointment and get your installation project started!


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