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Humidifiers During the Winter Months

Humidifiers During the Winter Months with photo of happy family sitting on the couch

The air becomes drier during the cold months of the year. When your furnace runs, it removes all the moisture that remained in the air, making your home feel incredibly parched. But don’t worry! There’s a solution for dry indoor air—a humidifier.

Here’s how a humidifier helps you during the winter season

Prevent Dry Skin

Having cold winter weather can be quite uncomfortable. You’re prone to itchy skin, chapped lips, and dry nasal passages, especially if you’re in a dry climate. Using a humidifier can help prevent these uncomfortable symptoms. It also helps keep your lips, skin, and nasal passages moist and healthy in the chilly season.

You’ll Sleep Better

When you sleep, it’s not unusual for your mouth to fall open, causing it and your throat to dry out. You might even wake up after every couple of hours with a strong need for a drink of water. Adding moisture in the air will help you sleep more comfortably and even help prevent snoring, which is important if you share your bed with someone.

Ease Allergy Symptoms

It’s significant to humidify indoor air with the right amount. Too much humidity could allow mold and dust mites to thrive. On the other hand, too little moisture irritates your nose and throat, making your allergy symptoms look worse. But don’t worry. Whole-house humidifiers have a built-in humidistat to reach the ideal humidity level. With the increased humidity, it will soothe your airways to make your allergy symptoms less noticeable.

Get Over Colds Faster

The winter is not only a cold season—but it’s also the time of the year for flu. That’s because microscopic bacteria and viruses thrive at lower humidity levels. They transmit through the air with greater ease without the water vapor hampering their movement. Thus, it makes cold and influenza more contagious than usual. It also increases the humidity level in your home and significantly reduces airborne germs’ presence, and helps your body fight illnesses faster.

Make Your Home Feel Warmer

Increased costs of operating a whole-house humidifier can be problematic, but it can save you money! That’s because humid air is already saturated with moisture, so less water evaporates from your skin. Evaporation has a cooling effect, so by limiting it, you’ll feel warmer. The increased comfort allows you to turn down the temperature by a degree or two without getting uncomfortable, thus, lowering your heating bills in the process.

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