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5 Tips to Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

5 Tips to Prepare Your HVAC for Winter with photo of family celebrating Christmas

Brace yourselves, because winter is coming! Don’t let a malfunctioning HVAC put a damper to your comfort. Prepare your heating system with these five (5) tips, so you and your family stay comfortably warm during the frosty days.

Inspect the Vents

Unfortunately, most homeowners often overlook the vents and work on checking or cleaning them only when it’s too late. Be sure to check your vent regularly. Keep it clean and clear from any obstructions like furniture and huge appliances. Properly maintained vents reduce stress on your system while ensuring the utmost comfort during the cold season.

Invest in New Air Filters!

Your HVAC has been working round-the-clock and the cooler months are underway. For sure, dirt and other harmful particles have accumulated in your unit. Don’t wait for your system to push back all these dirt back to your home because you haven’t changed your filters. Replace it as often as possible or when necessary. But ideally, filter replacement should be done every month or two.

Regular filter replacement makes your HVAC system a lot more efficient and improves your home’s air quality. Another tip: stock up some air filters on hand, so you’re prepared throughout the year.

Examine the Belt

The motor belt inside your heating system powers the blower to move the air through the outdoor unit. Over time, it may loosen and develop issues, including cracks and minor damage. Bring in the HVAC pros to inspect the motor belt to know if a repair or replacement is needed.

Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

There is more to checking than meets the eye. This is where the importance of a professional tune-up service steps in. Qualified technicians don’t just clean your unit, but they test, inspect, adjust, and make sure that your comfort equipment operates properly and efficiently.

Test Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Furnaces that run on natural gas or electricity may emit toxic gases. That is why installing CO alarms and testing them should be on your list, too. These devices help minimize the risk of fire mishaps and carbon monoxide poisoning. Back up some fresh batteries so you can be ready for the winter. Remember—safety should come first as always!

With winter on the doorstep, it’s important to ensure your unit is in excellent working condition. Follow these tips from your trusted HVAC company and spend every moment with no worries.

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