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Telltale Signs Your Heating System Needs Help

Telltale Signs Your Heating System Needs Help

During the winter season, many homeowners get caught up with heating problems. Having a malfunctioning unit on the coldest days could be your worst nightmare. So how do you know when something goes wrong with your heating system?

Here are the signs you need to watch out for:

Your Home Becomes Dry or Dusty

Since your heating unit stayed off for a few months, it can be easily clogged with dust and other debris. Your home’s air quality may feel stale or stuffy, which can trigger allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. To ensure a clean and healthy indoor air, frequently change your filters and don’t miss a regular HVAC maintenance. Doing these simple tasks won’t put your family’s health and comfort at stake.

Your Room Never Warms Up

Furnaces are designed to keep you comfortably warm throughout the long winter months. But if your home is as cold as ice, even though your unit is in full blast, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It can be an incorrectly sized system, poorly designed ductwork, or lack of insulation that causes the problem. In that case, let the professionals diagnose the problem and provide quick and reliable solutions.

Your System Short Cycles or Runs Constantly

Short-cycling means that your unit goes on and off repeatedly. This happens when the heat exchanger is overheating, the compressor is damaged, or the system is oversized. This problem can compromise your home’s comfort and indoor air quality, causing high heating bills and potential health risks.

Your Unit Produces Strange Smell

A musty or gassy odor coming from your heating unit often indicates operational issues and safety hazards. Refrain from smoking and avoid lighting matches that can cause fire or explosion. Call the experts immediately to fix the issue, if needed.

Your Unit Creates Weird Sounds

No heating system is completely silent. However, if your furnace or heat pump is making loud squeaks, thumps, and other weird noises, it indicates a serious problem. These unusual sounds can be caused by a loose belt, an ignition problem, a cracked heat exchanger, or a component that’s on its last leg.

You Receive Higher Heating Bills

If you notice an unexpected increase in your energy usage for the past months, it could mean that your system’s efficiency is going down. It could need a minor repair or replacement for some parts. It’s best to ask your trusted contractor to check your unit and help you make informed decisions.

We hope these telltale signs help you recognize when your comfort system needs repair. If you encounter issues with your heating unit, contact us at Ryan Heating & Air. We provide a full range of heating services in Chattanooga, TN, and surrounding areas.

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