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6 Ways to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness

6 Ways to Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

Every minute, a woman dies from breast cancer. That’s more than 1,400 women every day. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, celebrated every October, aims to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment, and palliative care of the disease.

Are you not sure how to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness? Read this three-minute blog to know the ways you can do it.

Wear a Pink Ribbon Every Day in October

During the early days of this month, distribute pink ribbons to everyone in your office. Tell your employees to wear it every day as a reminder and keep discussions about breast health in the open.

Launch a Pink Pumpkin Contest

You can also combine Halloween activities with a good cause. Instruct your employees to create their best breast cancer awareness pumpkin to showcase. Put a collection jar beside the pumpkins in the display. Of course, the pumpkin with the most jar donations wins. Donate the money to a cause or a local cancer center for women.

Artsy Bra Auction

Collect bras to auction off at a gala or any fundraising events. It’s better if everyone can fancy it up! After getting the proceeds, you can send it to someone in your office who’s battling breast cancer to help pay for the treatment. Or, you can also send the funds to a local breast cancer research center.

Host an All-Pink Fashion Show

Call your family and friends and have them watch a fashion show run by your office, hitting the runway in all pink clothing. It’s more fun if everyone can wear crazy hats, giant sunglasses, and other attention-seeking accessories. During the event, your emcee can share facts and additional information about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Bulletin Board

You can get creative with this task in decorating a bulletin board in a highly-trafficked area in your office. Urge your artsy employees to make use of their talents in raising awareness. You can place facts or create a themed board to draw even more attention.

Bra Board

Tack up or draw decorative bras with the message “Show Your Support!”

Honor/Support Board

Inspire employees to write a message that shows support for someone who is fighting breast cancer.

Grow a Pink Tree Board

Gather donations for the whole month. For employees who donate, have them trace their hand on pink construction paper and add it to the tree on your bulletin board.

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