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Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

Why Won't My Furnace Turn On?

Gas Line

Have you checked if the gas line is turned on? You can do this by examining the shut-off valve outside. Another easy way to check is by starting another gas-burning appliance, like the stove. If the gas line is not the issue, and the gas is flowing to other devices, then check if your gas supply to the furnace is open and clear. If the supply is disrupted, your heating system might be lacking the amount of fuel to ignite.

Do you smell gas nearby? If you believe there’s a leak, evacuate your home and contact a professional immediately to check the emergency issue.


Make sure that the switch inside your equipment is turned on. Even if you have a gas system, your equipment might still use electricity and its switch must be turned on. You can also check on the breaker to ensure that the furnace’s power has not been tripped. If it is, then turn it back on. But, if it continues to trip, get an HVAC pro to do the work for you.

The Filter

Have you been changing your air filter once every three months? That’s one of the most straightforward solutions to fix a broken furnace. If you don’t regularly change your filter, your vents and registers will get clogged, and it can significantly impair your system’s airflow. That’s why you need to ensure that your filter is clean and changed regularly, and that your vent registers are clear of blockages. Hire an HVAC technician to clean your air ducts if it’s still obstructed.

Is your furnace still not working? Call us at Ryan Heating & Air for professional help. Regardless of the complexity of your furnace problem, we’ll fix it for you to make you feel comfortable and cozy again during the cold months.

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