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7 Cheap Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

7 Cheap Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

The relentless heat of summer can sometimes feel like a hot blanket. And since we’re stuck at home, staying comfortable without running up your meter is a challenge. But don’t worry—Ryan Heating & Air is here to help! Read this 5-minute blog and get ready to save.

Take a Break

Once in a while give your A/C some time off. The air during the night is naturally cooler, so you can take advantage of it by opening your windows. Plus, your body doesn’t need the same cooling as it does during the day. This will help you curb your energy usage while staying comfortable.

Set It Right

Cranking up your thermostat won’t cool your home faster. It will only force your A/C to work harder, giving you a hefty energy bill. The trick is setting it to a more comfortable temperature. To reduce your cooling cost and get the right comfort, set your device to 78°F in the daytime. This will also take some stress from your air conditioning system, improving its efficiency.

Clean Up Your Space

Have you ever wonder why you keep sneezing or coughing? It might have something to do with the condition of your home. There could be millions of allergens, dirt, and other pollutants lurking around your house. While staying indoors during this pandemic, take time to check your residential space. Make sure it gets proper cleaning and some fixing. This won’t just improve your comfort, but also save you more money.

Choose Cotton

In the heat of summer, wear lightweight clothes like cotton instead of dark-colored or bulkier fabrics. Also, use breathable sheets such as satin, polyester, or silk. These are excellent for ventilation, giving you cooler and more comfortable sleep experience.

Get Shady

Did you know? Your A/C doesn’t need to work so hard this summer. Install some window treatments such as solar screens or shutters and keep the blinds and curtains closed to reduce indoor temperatures. Additionally, consider planting trees, shrubs, or vines for additional shade to your house. 

Change Your Lightbulbs Out For LED

You don’t need extra heat this summer, so switch to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which can save you up to 85% on your energy bills. Although they are a bit more expensive, these lights are energy-efficient and can last longer than traditional bulbs.

Give Your A/C a Dose of TLC

Lastly—and we can’t stress this one enough: properly maintain your air conditioning system. That means changing the filters regularly, checking the outdoor unit and removing any dirt or debris, and making sure it gets a professional tune-up service. An efficient A/C helps you save big while keeping your home comfortably cool in the hottest days.

Beat the heat with these cooling tricks and let us know when you need air conditioning services in Chattanooga, TN. Our certified and friendly technicians at Ryan Heating & Air are ready to help. Call us at 423-799-3794 to schedule an appointment.

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