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Smart Tips to Eliminate Hot & Cold Spots

Smart Tips to Eliminate Hot & Cold Spots with photo of a girl holding a cup of cofee

Having hot and cold spots in your Chattanooga, TN home can be frustrating as the cold weather rolls around. As your trusted HVAC partner, we want you to be comfortably warm throughout the winter.

Before we start, let’s first answer these frequently asked questions that relate to the hot and cold spots in your home:

Why Are There Hot And Cold Spots in Your House?

Have you asked yourself what might really be the culprit? Rather than using some DIY solutions, let’s understand why uneven temperature occurs.

Is Your Ductwork In Good Shape?

The air duct is among the vital components of your comfort system. However, it’s also prone to dirt, mold, and damages, which can cause the heated air to leak out. Let the professionals inspect and clean your ductwork. It may also need sealing or repair.

Is Your Thermostat Placed In The Right Location?

You may be wondering why your thermostat has something to do with this problem. Well, if this device is installed in the wrong place, it will read the temperature inaccurately. We recommend installing it on the interior wall or away from any heat-emitting equipment.

Is Your Heating Unit The Wrong Size?

An improperly-sized heating system won’t be able to heat your home effectively. This is why you need skilled and professional technicians. They can provide you an accurate load calculation and the right unit size for your home.

Smart Tips to Eliminate Uneven Home Temperatures

Here are some smart tips on how you can achieve consistent indoor temperatures in your home:

Mind Your Filter

Airflow problems usually start from a dirty or clogged filter. Checking and changing it regularly can prevent temperature imbalance and improve your home’s air quality and unit performance.

Consider a Zoning System

Installing a zoning system is among the most efficient ways to deal with hot and cold spots in your home. With this, you can have full control over your indoor temperatures. Each zone comes with its own thermostat so you can adjust the level of heat in each area of your house. Be sure to hire a NATE-certified contractor who can professionally install the right zoning system for your comfort needs.

Check Your Vents & Registers

Refrain from closing the vent and register to ensure proper airflow. Also, make sure that no curtains, furniture, or other objects are blocking them. Properly maintained vents and registers can reduce pressure on your unit and prevent airflow problems.

Add Or Replace Your Home’s Insulation

Old or damaged insulation could also be the reason for uneven temperatures. Let the experts assess your space to know if a replacement or extra insulation is needed.

Bottom Line

If you notice a sudden change in your home’s comfort, reach out to us at Ryan Heating & Air. Our highly-trained technicians will provide the best comfort solutions that meet your needs and budget. Say goodbye to hot and cold spots for good. Call 423-903-5955 today!

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